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Pill Time for Family App iPhone QR Code

Pill Time for Family App iPhone QR Code

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Pill Time for Family – Features

Pill Time For Family is easy to use and meant for FAMILY use who cares for their family members. Besides regular pill time reminders and notifications, you can also add appointments to the doctor, and set up reminders etc.

  • Dashboard tells you what medicines, and how many to be taken on that day and when
  • Add members with specific rights (or no rights) whether to add, edit, delete or none.
  • The Dashboard also tells you if you have made an appointment for today and others to come.
  • Add Doctors you connect with all details including email, address and click to call or click to look up map
  • Add Pharmacies that you visit
  • Add Medicines for each user, with name, doctor prescribing it, pharmacy you are using, treatment for the illness, medicine type, medicine name, purchase date, quantity purchased and also adding an image of the medicine or by taking a picture or uploading your own.
  • Also set up Frequency of medicine to take, and how many at what times.
  • Special instructions for the user/patient pertaining to the medicine that the user has to remember.
  • Set notification interval setting.
  • Also indicate if the notification is a Regular or Critical. Critical notification means that if the medicine is not taken on time then the system is set up to remind other family members, which were chosen when setting it up. This is one of our unique feature that adds value to not only the user but other caring members.
  • Add Hospitals and their info including a specific doctor or nurse to reach with their images
  • Add Rehab locations – Usually when getting old one needs rehabilitation so we have added this section for elderly who need the info to be set up in the reminders.
  • Add Appointments for all users – once done this page will show you if have any and all upcoming appointments.
  • Reminders page will show reminders for each medicine for all users, just click on the user’s tab and you can edit them as well.
  • One of the best features is to get a Report of the user’s pill taking performance. It creates a pdf file, which you can save it or share it with your doctor etc.
  • In Settings you can update your profile, set up reminder times, snooze times etc.
  • If your need is greater than the FREE version, please subscribe to our paid version.

We love to get your feedback so we have a Feedback icon link for you to tell us what you would like to say, suggest, complain etc.

We are not collecting date of birth, or social security number. Only the name and any related info that you would like to use.

And please share the app with your friends, family and neighbors and let them know about the features and how it can be used.

Pill Time for Family App offers an auto-renewing subscription-based on in-app purchase.

Subscription name: 1 month Subscription

Subscription cost: $3.99 (USD)

Subscription duration: 1 month